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April 17-18, 2023
Atlanta, GA
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William E. Underwood

Jones Walker


William represents domestic and international clients, including owners, contractors, and manufacturers, across a broad array of manufacturing, construction, and procurement activities. During the course of his practice, William has gained significant insight into numerous issues unique to the aerospace industry.

As an attorney with a decade of experience, William has focused on both contract drafting and negotiation, as well as risk mitigation and dispute resolution. In this role, William has counseled US, Canadian, German, Austrian, Spanish, Taiwanese, and Saudi Arabian companies on large projects spanning various industry sectors around the globe, including defense and aerospace. In addition to assisting clients with front-end contract drafting and negotiation, William has also represented clients in significant disputes before the ICC, LCIA, AAA, federal and state courts, and federal boards of contract appeals. And through his role as an experienced litigator, William is also able to offer real-time, in-project advice regarding risk mitigation and dispute avoidance—because effectively avoiding formal litigation before it begins can be an invaluable service on any project.

Most recently, William represented an aerospace manufacturer in an international arbitration forum with total claims and counterclaims in excess of USD 180 million. These claims primarily related to delays, inefficiencies, and general cost overruns caused by defective tools, a lack of technical expertise, and late deliveries of key materials.


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